Sunday, 27 September 2009


Although you've been travelling together for one year, there are many things, I am sure, you do not know about one another. Introduce yourself to your colleagues and future guests, your strong points and likes, why you are here studying economics and what your future plans are. Wishing you all a successful year and proper words for the first assignment this year!


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  2. Hello
    My name is Ovidiu i'm a second year student at Economics,at Cantemir University.
    I would like to start with who i am?
    I am a sociable person,i like to make friends and meet new people,talented especially in drawning,i am prudent and i'm not jumping without checking first.
    I have defects to, I m stubborn and anxios.
    My hobbies ar learning new languages, drawning, navigate on internet, riding a bike, and traveling all over the world. I would like to start by traveling to Japan because i am fascinated by their language ,their arhitecture and of course their culture.
    I've started economics because it helps me learn how to start a firm.
    I would like to start a Tourism firm.

    Thank you.

  3. Hey!
    I'm Monica from Finance&Banking. I'm an outgoing, fun person who loves to travel and to meet new people. I don't like shallow people who have nothing to say, no personality and bad taste. I prefer honesty, manners and class.
    My future plans are to finish second year of college with good grades and return to the Big Apple in the summer.
    I wish everybody a fresh start and an exciting year!

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  5. Hi there...

    I'm a student at ECTS (economic profile). I studing at 2nd year on D. Cantemir University. Like any person i have got some hobbys too. Main hobby its swimming followed by extrem spotrs for example "Downhill".

    About my toughts?

    I try to learn "market study" to get some work for next year. I really wanna do somethig in my life.

    That`s me for shortly... see you at school.

    Regards G.A

  6. Hi.
    My name is Zsolt. I'm a second year Economics student at Dimitrie Cantemir University from Targu Mures.
    I always knew I wanted to go to economics(marketing, managament) but I wanted to experience some other things first. So after graduation I tried Psychology but after one years turns out it's not for me :) so I'm here.
    About my hobbys, My first hobby was electronics like circuit boards, soldering, rezistors. (here I got the nickname Dexter) My other hobbys are computer networking, repair and hardware troubleshooting. I finished Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) witch validates the ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot medium-size routed and switched networks. This was my first real contact with english. All my exams was in english and the only language in class room was english.
    I live in little town (Sovata) where can be found a salt lake which is the meeting place in summer time. So here I learn to swim witch is the only sport i like if we don't count pool(biliard).
    I dont have an answer to the question "what you did in your life that makes you proud?" So in the future I want to do somethings that makes me proud. Soething for humanity. I don't really know what.
    It's morning so I'm not very inspired so that's all for now...

  7. Hello!My name is Enikő B. and I am a second year student at "Dimitrie Cantemir" University.Even if I'm a short girl,I've practiced martial arts when I was a kid and I've really enjoyed it.Actually,it's a thing I was really good at.My place of birth and where I grew up it's a small village near Targu Mures,called Zau.I was swimming alot when I was a kid,that's why swimming is one of my hobbies.After that comes reading,especially books about chemistry,wich was my highschool's profile.Even though I love chemistry,I've choosen to go to an economic university because I think it's a profile that can give you more posibilities to find a good job in nowadays.It's easier to find a job as an acountant in a firm than as a chemist.I like travelling too,that's why I went on a lot of trips with my friends.I'm not a very friendly person,but when I'm with my bestfriends I try to make the most of it and we are having a lot of fun togheter.
    So,this is a brief description of who I am and what I like to do hopefully,I will become a great economist.

  8. Hi Everyone!

    I am Liliana.
    I am sociable and optimistic person with a good sense of humour. I like very much to listen to music, and that is the reason why every day I reserve at least one hour for that.
    I also like to see new places, to read books and to go swimming.
    I don't like pesimistic persons or who are crying for help, but they don't do anything for to help themselves.

  9. Hello

    MY name is Lucia.
    I graduated Law School at "Dimitrie Cantemir" University some years ago, and now I am a student at the same University but another section, that is Accounting section.
    I live in Tg. Mures a small town but clean and beautiful called Flowers' Town.
    Because my hobby is sculpture in wood I do all kinds of statues.

  10. Hello everybody
    My name is Ioana Mihailas and i'm studying Economics at D. Cantemir University.It is my first year at UDC but the second as a student.I had the first year at Petru Maior University and i moved to UDC for the next two years.I chosed studying Finance&Banking because i think that is an interesting subject and helps me understand a lot of things which i had not understood until now.
    Anyway lets talk a litlle about me...I am a honest person so i hate lies and liers,i am sociable but a litlle shy.I enjoy going out with my friends and also watching TV shows about economy.My hobby is dancing so i've been for 9 years memeber of a folklore ensemble and also,i forgot to say, i like english very much and thanks to the teacher i had during school i'm doing ok with it.
    I live in a village named Deda but during University i live in Tg. Mures.
    So my dear colleagues that's me.
    See you at school...

  11. Hello

    My name is Erzsebet .
    I am a student in an Economic University at accountance profile and I working with as a primer accountant .
    I live in Tg-Mures and I like to live here it is my home , and I like to live in Romania .
    My favorite country is Jerushalem because , Jerushalem is the place , where Jesus lived.
    My dream is to visit that special place onu in my life.
    I am a person who is usually patient , determined and sociable . I am always ambitious , cheerful , honest and I am rare lazy , nervous and shy .
    I don't like gossiping and telling lies . I don't stand smoking.
    My hobbies are listening music and reading .
    I like swimming . I like to help people and always like to help my friends .

  12. Hy

    My name is Zsombi.
    I`m a second year student at "Dimitrie Cantemir".It was hard in the begin,why i`m a little bit "shy", if i have to chose if i talk or listen in a group,i prefer to listen. :P (in groups where i dont know the peopels).
    More about hobby is : uniqe cars,tuned in separate way.It is something in the cars what makes me calm down.
    I growed up in a village named Roteni.This vliage in my eyes is the most beautiful place,i had chance to move to town but i better came every day 20km to the school.
    So thats me in short...more at my mail;)

  13. Dear Zsombi,
    I appreciate that you decided to post on the class blog, your comments are very interesting and full of meaning. However, we need to improve them a bit. Therefore, I accepted only this comment for the beginning because you also have to learn something from this experience. So I will write here the correct version of what was wrong in the above comment: in the beginning, to choose, I, don't; people; grew up;
    Please send the content of the other two comments to my email address, I will help you correct them and then you can submit them again, OK?

  14. Hello....
    My name is cristina,i am in second year at Dimitrie Cantemir's economist college.I have just move into this class,i am a very sociable person.I enjoy some winter sports like sky,i'm not so good at it,but i'm learning because i believe that a person all it's live is learning.
    I am not gone write to much,because i am not so good at english,anyway i will do my best to learn,never will know when english will be good to know.Anyway my dream is to open a company of my own,i will do my best for that.

  15. hello
    I Am sorry if I am posting a little late but I was wery busy and I couldn't post.

    My name is Velcherean Ovidiu I am a ECTS student.
    I am here because I wana learn to speek and to write.

  16. Hello
    My name is Sergiu Grama. I'm a second year Economics student at Dimitrie Cantemir University from Targu Mures.
    I’ m 21 year old and I’ m from Reghin.
    I graduated the highscool at Petru Maior bio-chemestry profile in Reghin .
    In the same time I study at Septimiu Muresan school police from Cluj Napoca .
    I’ ve chossen UDC –ECTS because these profile offers me a lot of possibilities to find a good position in my police work.
    About my hobbys, I like to play soccer, basketball and to go fishing because this thing relax me. I also like to have fun with my friends to go in clubs, to dance and sing, and I like to visit the beuty of the nature.
    Thank you . I will see you at school.

  17. First of all... Hi to everyone! My name is Ciprian, I'm in the 2nd year at Economics,at Dimitrie Cantemir University.
    I can say for my self that I'm sociable, I like having conversation with any one I can, I'm realy fond of sport's especially football, martial arts and swimming as well.
    An other thing I can say for my self is that I enjoy spending my time in the company of my friend's.

    Motto :

    "Never stop learning. To lead is a profession, not a right or an inheritance. Accept that there will often exist things that you don't know and finding better ways to solve them is part of the profession. " Bruce Hyland

  18. Hello
    My name is Bianca and I am student in the second year in FB, at Cantemir University.
    I'll start by saying a few words about me: i'm a sociable person with good manners.I love to spend my time with loved ones and to draw.My greatest weakness is that sometimes they are a very sensitive person

  19. Hello
    My name is Andreea, I am in second year in ECTS Dimitrie Cantemir University.
    I am a sociable person, I like to communicate with people. I enjoy listening to music, read books and travel.
    My weakness is that I get annoyed pretty fast, my strong point is that I help people.

  20. Hello!
    My name is Natalia Vultur and I'm a second year student in Finance&Banking at Dimitrie Cantemir University. I am a very sociable person, I have a lot of friends. I'm also very ambitious and I work hard to achive my goals.
    I like to read and take long walks in open air. I also like to swim.
    My future plans are to graduate with good marks and find a job in a bank.

  21. Hello! My name is Pamela and i am in year II Finance and Banking. I applied here because i needed a degree in Accounting for a future job. I am an outgoing sociable friendly person. I have a good sense of humor but i don't like lies and i don't understand why people do it just for fun. I like traveling and my favorite trip was in Grece. My favorite singer is Paul Anka, my favorite book is Shogun by James Clavell and in the future i hope i will have a stable and nice job and finish at Cantemir University.

  22. Hi,everybody.
    My names is Kinga I'm a second year at Economics Finance&Banking at Dimitrie Cantemir Ubiversity from Targu Mures.
    I'm a fun person and optimistic, I like very much to listen to music,that is the reason,music is my life.I like to make frends and meet new people,I like the honesty people.
    I staeted economic because I think gives me more posibilites to find a good job in noadays.I want to finish the collage and find a good job, so that's me.

  23. Hi,
    My name is Helena from FB.I'm a second year Economics student at Dimitrie Cantemir University from Tg Mures.I want to say a few words about me: I'm a honest and sociable person.In my spare time I like draw especially portraits.
    Another thing I can say about me is that I love to travel with my friends to visit new places.
    My future plans are to finish college,to find a good job,and I hope I will travel around the world!

  24. Hi all!
    I am Catalin, I am a second year student in Finances in Tirgu Mures.
    I am a very active person, I don't like to stay one minute without having something to do, I like parties and sports, especially football.
    I'm also optimistic, but cautios....generally.
    I love music, movies, games and top technology.
    I don't like talking about my weak points and that's probably a weak point...

  25. Hi,
    My name is Alex i'm in second year at Finance and Banking at Dimitrie Cantemir. I'm a little shy,i'm very ambitious and punctual.My hobby is fishing because relax me and i also like football and ping pong.Another thing i can say about me is that i like to listen music all the time.
    My future plans is to graduate and find a good job

  26. Hello everyone!
    I am an dynamic person, I like partying day and night.
    I love football, and my favorite team is Dinamo Bucharest.
    I'm keen on cars, especially on the Audi brand.
    I'm sociable, I like making new friends and spend my time with them.
    My weak points may be that I get angry easily and I'm very impatient.

  27. Hello,
    my name is Betty, I'm in second year at FB, at Dimitrie Cantemir.I live in TG-Mures. I'm also very sensibility person.
    My hobby is: to travel and listen to music.

  28. Hy,
    My name is Andreea and I am a second student at Finance&Banking at Dimitrie Cantemir University.About me I can say that I’am a good person.I am sociable,I like having friends. I don’t like fake people and persons with no manners.During my free time I love to read and to visit some places.I like triping and learn new things.I chose economic because I like it. My future plans are to graduate with good marks and maybe to have my own bussines.

  29. Hello,
    My name is Florin, I am a student at the University Dimitrie Cantemir banks finance department in second year. I chose this area in economics for two reasons. First, the economy is the future and you can find out things and to learn, that not everyone can know,i've choosen to go to an economic university because I think it's a profile that can give you more posibilities to find a good job in nowadays and the second reason is that I want to open my own business. And now to talk a little about me, i am a direct and to the point, i am a sociable person, i like to travel, i like listening to music, to navigate on the internet. Sometimes i like to go to the gym because I want to keep in shape.

    Thank you

  30. Hi,
    My name is Moisin Paul Vasiel and i'm in second year at Finance and Banking at Dimitrie Cantemir. I'm very ambitious and punctual , and i like to make new friends .My hobbys are driving , because is very relaxing , football and hiking , although I'm a very sociable person.
    My future plans is to graduate and start my on company.

  31. Hello!
    My name is Palfi Imola Noemi.I am in second year at Finance and Banking at Dimitrie Cantemir University from Targu-Mures.I am sociable person because I like to have many friends and to meet new people.I like to travel a lot,if I would won the lottery I would travel around the world.I also like to read and to have fun.I choose this field of study because I would like to work in a bank.My future plans to finish the school,to get a good job and to have a nice family.

  32. Hey there...
    My name is Emoke Gereb and I'm studying Finance&Banking at the Dimitrie Cantemir University, Targu-Mures.
    I've graduated Law at the Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca and I'm working at a construction company. I've decided to start a second university, because I'm interested in Economic and Financial matters and I think this will help me to become a good professional.
    My strong points are that I'm optimistic, straight and honest, determined, with a great sense of humour. I like skiing, swimming, dancing, cooking and reading. About my future plans I would say that I'm working hard to keep my life the way it is: stirring, joyful but balanced :)

  33. Hello! My name is Lizetta
    Another year in which the Dimitrie Cantemir University beginning, I'm sophomore. I chose this because of professional interest and love this kind of work.
    A gay man's not like if I am hurt, and neither I like to hurt anyone.
    I love to drive and enjoy the opportunities in life.

  34. Hi,
    My name is Feri Olga Emoke and I'm a second year student at the Dimitrie Cantemir University, Science Economics Faculty, Finance and Banking profile from Tg-Mures.
    About me:I'm friendly, honest and an ambitious person.I like people who are honest and I like to make friends as many as possible.
    Also beside the fact that I'm a student,now I work in Auchan Hipermarket as a merchandiser.
    In my free time I like to read, browse on the Internet and listen music.Also one of my greats pleasures is travelling,to visit as more as I can Turist Areas for improve my knowledges.
    My future plans is to graduate the University and to work in a bank.

  35. Hye.
    My name is Covaci Marian Emil,I am a student at Dimitrie Cantemir University at ECTS department in second year. I am new in this class and i was a little shy at first but now I get to like here.I like to travel and when I say that it means I take my car and some of my friends and we all go in a road trip ,that is why I consider driving a hobby for me. In the same time I like to swim ,to navigate on the internet and also watching movies.
    I started this university beacause in our days is good to finish one.I choose ECTS beacuse I am interested in economics area.
    I hope that in the future I will have a good job and a lot of money to have fun :).

  36. Ahoy!
    My name is Bilibok Botond and I'm a first year student at the Dimitrie Cantemir University in Finance & Bank profile from Targu-Mures.
    I live in a little town called Miercurea-Ciuc
    and it has the best hockey team in Romania.
    Hmmm..Maybe I'm friendly but I think you have to decide this, by the way call me Botes.
    I like to do everything what makes people to laugh and besides I think I have the stupidity to make them laugh.
    I like to meet new people and to have fun with them.
    I'm a social type guy who hates being alone.
    I love doing things with my friends ,like: having sports, triping , partying, traveling, and do to things that you'll never will tell to your grandson,
    My favourite quote is : Everybody Lies.Unknown.
    So that was me I think.
    Take care

  37. Hello everyone,
    My name is Maricela Hanganu,but I hate the name Maricela,I like without i,only Marcela.I'm from Bacau and I'm in a second year at Finance&Banks at Dimitrie Cantemir University.
    I think I'm a communicative person,I like to help anyone when I can,but this is a defect for me and not only.I am a sociable person,but I hate people with -nose on top-,no matters who would be.
    I love to travel a lot,to see many places ( if I could I would like to see the whole world ).
    I have a lot of faults,we all have so it's pointless to talk about them.
    My future plans are too many,but it's pointless to say that everybody will say that I dream.
    All I want is to graduate with honors,but what I want most is to spend as much time with my little baby.
    Now unfortunately I do not get time for hobbies, although I love so much to go fishing...that's all

  38. Hy,
    My name is Calauz Alexandru Danut and i'm in second year at Finance and Banking at Dimitrie Cantemir.I'm very ambitious and a little daring. My hobby is to driving and swimming.
    My future plans is to graduate and find a good job.