Sunday, 15 November 2009

Speaking time!

It's time for you to record your voice! If you haven't done it on Vaestro, you will have the opportunity to do it on VoiceThread. This is a more attractive environment where you can comment using your voice and your webcam. You will find a set of questions on each slide. Choose only those questions you feel comfortable with and answer them. In the end (final slide) you can ask one of the participants a question and that participant will come to this blog post to give his/her answers.
I hope you will like this as it is a very attractive way of knowing one another and of using English, of course!
I am waiting for you on VoiceThread.


  1. Hello Laura.
    My name is Liliana and I would to answer to your questions.
    About first of them I think it's important to know at least one foreign language to understand and to be understood by others when you are in a foreign country , to ask questions or just to buy goods from stores.
    Second question: For me personally the Internet is useful only when I want to find information on what interests me about one area or another , otherwise it doesen't have an important part in my life, because I think there are more important activities to do than to sit and to look in a computer screen.
    Bye Laura and have a nice day.

  2. My name is Lizetta and my favourite continent Australia, because the kangaroo live there that my favourite animal. The sidney opera house one of the world's most beautiful
    buildings. Australia the smallest continent of the land and I find this
    interesting. Onto Australia tropical and the moderate climate the feature.
    The seasons change each other in a six-month shift compared to the
    European: there is summer when there is a winter at us there.

    I do not like the cats, but the dogs very much, dog I am a friend.I have two dachshund and I love them, love them as a family because they fill a person who is lost.

    It's not always the right person but I love it in the past and only learned it's better to my knowledge of mankind.learn from the mistakes of the man and I have learned and now I do not believe everyone.

    I have never visited Russia, but it would be impossible if you happy to visit from there because I'm interested in life, people, climate and acultura.

  3. Hy,my name is Maricela.My greatest treasure is my baby. Before I thought that having a treasure is reduced to have money, but I realized that the most beautiful feeling in the world is to be mother and not be rich.
    Now I don’t have time to have a hobby, I must to take care of my little baby, but before I loved to go fishing, playing bascketball,I liked to run and to contemplate the nature.
    I love cats,last year I had three cats and I considered them as my children,but now I had to find another family for them.
    What type of music do you prefer?
    I prefer listening classical muzic,this music relaxes me,but of course depends on the condition that I have.Sometimes I listen hip-hop or classic rock,but now I'm listening music for baby :D
    How do you feel about being a student?I feel lucky that I can do university and I can be a student.In the future,I know that it will be easier when I'll hire.
    Do you think your parents understand you?Not only my parents understand me,but they support me in everything I want to do.I'm a lucky person because they are very understanding with me.
    Have you ever broken a bone?When I had 5 years old I know that I've broken my right leg,I think it was tibia and fibula.It was terrible.I remember that I stayed about one month with my leg in gypsum.But I know I had more fractures, at least ten, so I am a "lucky" person in this regard :(
    Have you ever had a Deja Vu experience?I don't know if it even was a deja vu.When I was little I had a nightmare (which was repeated sometimes).In the nightmare I had a serious accident with car (but I never saw the end).Before celebrate 18 years old everything happened like in my nightmare,it was horrible.It remains a trauma for me.
    Where would you like to spend your ideal holiday and why?I would like to spend my ideal holiday in London because I love that city and I'll never get bored there.

  4. I would like to spend my ideal holiday in Hawaii,standing on the beach,taste a cocktail and relaxing all the day.I think Hawaii is the most beautiful and exotic place in the world,where is always hot.
    If I could live somewhere else,I would like to live in a small town,somewhere where is always hot,near the ocean,in a white house,with a garden full of red roses.
    If I could meet any person dead or alive,I would like to meet my grandmother,who is dead from 3 years:(I love she very much and I miss her.She was the greatest grandmother from the world.
    The things witch makes me happy is little things witch came from heart,for example a hug,a kiss,a beautiful world,and a Milka chocolate :-p
    I stop smoking in 2009 at 1 January.I decide to stop smoking because I spend much money to cigarettes,and it is not healthy and beautiful to a girl to smoke,so from that date I do not smoke.It was easy,all you have to got is ambition.

  5. Hy my name is Andreea Lung.
    1.Do you have a hobby?
    Yes I have hobby like reading,watching TV,listening music ,but the most important for me is reading because when I read a book I forget all my problems and develop my vocabulary.

    2.How do you feel about being a student?
    It's very nice being a student because these are lot of activities I can do with my colleagues but also I feel very free because the program of the University offers the possibility to have a job.

    3.Have you ever visited Russia?
    No,I have never visited Russia,but I'd be very happy if I had the opportunity to go there for that I'd really like to know life there, the people and the Beautiful would be interesting for me to know their traditions.

    4.Have you ever met a celebrity?
    No,I have never met a celebrity but I would like very much to meet Madonna.

  6. 1.My favorite ward is desire.

    2.My favorite actor is Kevin Kostner.He is so nice...

    3.My hobby is to dance.I love to dance.

    4.I prefer club music and blues muzic.It makes me forget the problems and to feel ok.

    5.Yes I adopt a child.Why noy?There ar si many abandoned children.Life is not fair for them.They deserv a chance.