Thursday, 15 October 2009

SOMETHING FUNNY HAPPENED - writing competition

This is a real image of a Romanian car on a Bulgarian trailer. Write a funny story of no more than 150 words linked with this image. We'll vote together for the best, funniest, no longer than 150 words story. Surprise prize for the winner!


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  2. What happened??
    I tell you what happened!!
    After one week of relaxation in Balcik (a little town near the Black Sea in Bulgaria) we decided to get back home,anyway we spent a lot of money in disco's,clubs and in every place you can spend some money.
    We made the bagages,load them into the car and ..ready to go.
    I was with Mita,Ionut and Beni.I admit it was a little car, but at least this is our car and not a train or a bus or something.
    After half an hour of driving through bulgaria, near to a forest i've heard a sound,at first it wasn't so loud but with the time passing by the sound increased so i've decided to make a stop.
    We all got down from the car and like four experts that we waren't we start checking the car and blameing one an other without no reason. Well i finally saw the cause of the sound,it was a plastic bag stuck on the front wheel on the right side.I removed it and I was happy that that was the only problem we had. We all tryed to get into de car as fast as we could cause it was freezing out side.
    Well, SURPRIZE ,we left the key in contact and the door locked it self,leaving us outside.
    So..what should we do???
    Brake de glass..mmh .. mayby, ..try to open the door?? yes..we tried but nothing,the door had its will and it wouldn't open ,so finally we decided to brake the glass.That was our last option.
    Before you could say Jack Robinson the glass was broken and we war in the car ready to go on.Of course, without the glass, but no worry i had AC(Air Conditioned).
    Not so easy as we thought, cause the police already showed up and Of course they didn't belived that the car is ours so they taken as the the station the check us up.
    After half an hour they sent the "STOLEN" car back to Romania to my adress of course, and after half a day, they realized the error they've done and let us out,of course apologizing for all and that's it.
    We arrived home 3 days later with one train,two taxis and a bus.
    At least the car arrived on time.:)

    I hope it was a good story.

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  4. On holiday
    One day i said stop working and i decided to make a trip to Europa by my new car. So,i put my stuffs in the cartrunk and i set off.
    On my way i saw beautiful places and i met hospitable people. I arrived in the Bulgarian capital Sofia, where i stopped to find a place to accommodate myself for a few days.
    When i returned to my stuff, surprise the car was gone. Starting to wonder on the left and on the right, i was told that a Bulgarian trailer had taken a car with Romanian plate numbers.
    Mad, i sat on a bench in a park thinking about my loss and trying to find some solutions for my problem.
    In front of me on another bench there were two young lovers. Hand in hand they were wathing each other in the eyes.
    After a while he said to her: in your eyes i can see the Universe.
    And i from my bench: What about my car???
    Can you see that???

  5. Not so funny....

    Nicu Mihailescu was a very important business man. He didn't have a girlfriend and he hadn't spoken with his family for two years because he hated the way his mother still acted with him like he was ten.
    - Have you taken a shower?
    - Have you brushed your teeth every day?
    And so on...
    One day he went in Bulgaria to the most important meeting of his career. If the meeting went well he would get 3 million dollars.
    He was very stressed and when he arrived at the hotel two hours before the meeting he figured out he was in the wrong hotel.
    He exited right on time to see his car passing by him on a Bulgarian trailer. And inside it were all his money and clothes.
    For once in his life he couldn't do anything about it so he had to wait and see his car going away with the-would-have-been-his three million dollars.

    Oana, 14

  6. Winter story

    My story happened last winter.
    It was a cold , frizzy morning , snowing just stopped but the ground was extremly slippery .
    My boyfrend prepared himself to go to work and took out the car from the garage . He opened the gate and drove the car out. For his fortune , he let the engine on and went back , to close the gate .Meanwhile the car started to ran also my boyfriend . But the car was the " winner " , it stopped in a tree
    Regarding to my boyfriend , he fell doun on the road and watched as his car entered in the tree.
    Finally , we had to call up the sewice-truck and took the car in the service

  7. My bestfriend went to visit Bulgary last summer.She went with a friend of her's.Of course,because she is a public danger on the street,she had a little accident.Trying to avoid a cat in the last minute because she always does her make-up in the carshe went with itinto a man's yard,through the fence.Even though she was laughing,the owner of the house wasn't so happy and he called the police.Of course,the policeman said that this is a thing that only a woman can do and he laughed hard.Because of her charm,she got away with only a ticket and she had to pay for the damages she caused.And that's it!Funniest thing,she doesn't want to go to bulgary anymore

  8. I will tell you a funny story of my life since i was just a little girl.My father has put the cup brandy an the table and me and my brother was small and curious,we hid under the table and drank brandy my father.We very much dizzy and my brother started to dance and to throw toys an the floor.This was one of the most beloved funny happenings of my life.

  9. I was going on a holiday to Greece and before I left, I went to the insurance company and asked about my insurance policy. They said that the policy I have covers all of Europe and most of the world except Bulgaria and Afghanistan. So, when I transited Bulgaria i thought the best way to travel was with my car on a trailer.

  10. I was in Bulgaria with some friend spending a great holiday. Lots of sun, beautiful sea, sunny beaches, great company. A true dream holiday. Until last day when we had to pack and go back home. We decided to stay one more night for a party. We packed and loaded the car in order to leave in the morning. We put on the party clothes and dance all night. In the morning, all we had to do was to get some breakfast and go.Simple as that, but we realize that all our clothes were in the car. Which was locked and we couldn't find the key. I remember having it in my pocket at the party so I must have lost it. Of course I had no spear key because I forgot to take it with me. Needles to say that we were thinking that we will never go home. We were lucky that the hotel manager was kind enough to call a trailer to return our car to Romania. the driver was also nice. He accepted to take us too in the trailer's cabin. What's even more funny? Imagine us in our party dresses entering gas stations on the way home to get something to eat or water...I forget to tell that the weather changed dramatically and it was raining buckets and was quite cold...But all that good thing is that we get home ok

  11. I will tell you a story happened with me and my sister. It was Sunday morning and we wanted to go to zoo and we ask our father if we can go to visit it. We get in the car and drove to zoo, purchase the tickets and went in, we wanted to visit the fish site but before reaching there we saw the monkeys. We had a bag of popcorn and my sister wanted to feed the monkeys, she approaches the cage mean while a monkey came near by the cage and stole my sister glasses .In the first seconds we were scared but after that we were so amused . After a few minutes we ask a maintenance guy to help us getting back the glasses from the monkey. This is my story.. thank you

  12. Andreea,
    quite a witty comment!

  13. My story happened when I was in high school.After finishing the courses,me and my collegue,went to our homes by bus.It was summer and hot outside and to our misfortune,bus was full and we had no places yo sit down.During the trip we notice something above my head.It was a spider hanging and swaying above my head.My collegue had the "brilliant idea" to blow toward spider.The spider fell into a woman's décolleté.The woman began to shake in the bus.Me and my collegue started to laugh.It was a funny moment for us but nasty for the lady.

  14. So it was an ordinary day at school,and I was going to my locker in between fifth and sixth hour for the school-wide locker clean-out.I was done cleaning and I went to my sixth hour class,which really isn't much of a class as it is independent study.It's just me and these two kids.The room I go to for sixth hour is a science room,so there are a few safety apparatuses to use.I was walking around the room ,reading some science comics that were plastered to the wall.I happened to slip on a rogue piece of cardboard that was lying on the floor,and I was spiraling out of control right towards the safety shower.I had no other choise,and plus I was a bit disoriented because I was spinning,so I grabbed on to the metal rod to stop myself from falling and woosh.When I activated the safety shower,the door to the classroom was open,and you could see me directly from the doorway.There was a whole crowd of people outside the adjacent classroom,and they started laughing!

  15. A few weeks ago, my family and I went to Giurgiu to visit some relatives. As we went there by the family car my mother thought that would be a great idea to cross the border and do the shopping in a hypermarket from Bulgaria. My uncle told her that the prices there are very low, so we thought it's a great opportunity to visit our "neighbors" and have a good time.
    As we got to the first hypermarket in Bulgaria we noticed that there was no space for our car in the parking lot. We've left our car in the street but we didn't notice the "no parking sign". While we were shopping, the authorities already took the car with a trailer. It was a bad experience to all of us because it was raining, we have shopped a lot of things, and we couldn't find any taxi. After a couple of hours we managed to get our car back...but we had to pay a fine that cost like double the price of our shopping list. Bad deal!!!

  16. Last fall my uncle told me to join him in a little "trip" in Bulgaria, because he wanted to buy a used trailer for his company. I didn't hesitate because I had never been to Bulgaria before. We left early in the morning because we wanted to return the same day. My uncle borrowed a friend's little car that was more easily to transport to the freshly bought trailer on the way home. On the way to Bulgaria we have not had any problem but returning one of the tires, because it was old, exploded and we went into a ditch. The result? Two cars damaged and several bumps on our heads... We couldn't reach back home that day because we had no spare wheel. Finally we went to the nearest city with a larger trailer, which took both cars and where they changed the broken wheel.
    It wasn't funny then, but now we laugh when we remember and uncle promises not to do business with vendors from Bulgaria.

  17. My story
    Two years ago me and my friend have decided to go in a holiday before school start.We chose Bulgaria because is a warm and welcoming country.We had only a problem with our parents,they said no to this trip so we decided not to say anything.So we went to Bulgaria.A beautifull dream holiday, beaches were large, bright sun and perfect whater.We have 5 days to party ,on 6th day we had to be home. after several days of beach and swimming we decided to find a good place to party for the last time.We found a nice club,we party all night than we left.On the way to hotel a police officer stopped us and took the driver's driving license.Next day we went home with a trailer because we had only a driver…Now we are amused by our trouble.

  18. I was in Constanta, last summer with my girlfriend. I was staying at the hotel for four days, we had five days of leave, it was evening, and we decided to go to Golden Sands in Bulgaria. We had luggage quickly, I threw in the trunk and I went to the road. I came there soon, I was tired, so we checked and we put to sleep. Next day we went to walk to the car and look for a restaurant to eat. finally, my girlfriend had seen the restaurant.I parked the car at 20 meters from the restaurant. me and my girlfriend had gone into the restaurant and after 20 minutes I saw my car in a Bulgarian car trailer. Then I realized that I parked in a restricted area. I called the company, because I remember the phone number seen on the car. I got there and told us we should pay 400 euros, the point I made stone. eventually I paid only 250 euros because i am a smart guy and i know how to talk whit people. This is my story.

    Thank you

  19. I spent my summer holiday in Greece with a few friends.We had a very good time there and we spend all our money.On the way home we stopped to rest a little bit because we were very tired.We stopped in Bulgaria.Than we decided to sleep a few hours.We did not have money for a hotel so we stopped in the nearest parking and we slept in the car.We fell asleep so deep that we did not hear a thing.We woke up next day in the afternoon.When we woke up and get out from the car we saw that the car's wheels are missing.Somebody has stolen the wheels and changed with some stumps.We didn't heard and fell anything.
    What should we do?This was the big question!
    We didn't had money to buy wheels because we spent all our money in Greece.So we made a phone call home to "daddy" .Fortunately my father had a cousin in Bulgaria and he found for us a trailer which brought us home.
    This was a really big experience for us and we said that we won't stop anymore in a parking for sleep and we won't spend all our money!

  20. While I was gooing to Bulgaria on vacation on road at a time a car made me a mark with headlights to stop because in behinde of car is smoke, in that moment I stopped to see what happened but there was nothing , in that moment of inattention a guy ascended to the steering wheel and left in a hurry with all the acts and things in the car. I stayed on the road in the middle of nowhere with the hope that someone will come and I will see. After a while a police car passed by there and took me to the station.Next day after staying up all night to the police station the car was found damaged and high by road assistance from an area where access was denied, in addition I received a parking fine irregular” this was a bonus for my holiday”, but in the end the situation was clarified , the thieves were caught and I was released from police station but the money wasn‘t in the wallet ,so I had to go home with the car broken down, and without any money in my pocket.

  21. My story happened three years ago.Me and my brother were arguing and I was walking down the stairs to go to the basement, so while I'm walking we're arguing over PC games and I'm arguing so much and i wasn't so careful and I missed a step did some kind of matrix over flip and landed on my butt below, then while in pain, my brother turn off the lights and start to laugh. It was a funny moment for my brother not for me at that time but now when I say the story I laugh to.

  22. The weather was perfect, no clouds, more then 30 degrees. We were really close to the dream-hotel we booked for our one week escape with my friend. Charlotte and me have been the best friends since high-school, but never had the opportunity to go for a holiday just the two of us. I got my mum's car to go with, so everything seemed to be just fine! We stopped at the gas station, two young ladies ready to have fun in Bulgary... There was a really handsome attendant who came to help us with the filling. He smiled at us and took over the pump. We were melting like snow because of his fabulous green eyes. He finished filling the tank and we got back in the car and turned the ignition key. The car wouldn't start. I got of the car, the guy came back and asked us in English what happened. I had a bad feeling... I asked him if he put gasoline or diesel oil? He said diesel. Oh my God! My car was running with gasoline. So the first picture we took in Bulgary was the one with my car on a trailer, on its road to the service. Anyway, the guy was nice, he paid the service costs and a full tank of gasoline, plus a great Bulgarian dinner...

  23. I had many funny happenings but one of them is probably that which affected me most was one that I share with my colleagues.
    It happened in the past summer.
    I was in a swimming race following awards and decay is the big prize was a full ticket concerts at the festival orgamizate Peninsula.
    I participated in the competition and got a place but we gave the prize for that I do not like this sort of concert.
    But when I told my daughter that I won a swimming contest but I gave up award told me that she wants to go to that concert.
    I said that I will go back to the swimming competition of the day and will win again and this time I will take the prize.
    The next day I went back to swimming competition, but I got to finish second and I had to buy tickets to the concert.

  24. It happend about three years ago,exactlly in the summer of 2007.I was in Bulgaria with the folk dance ensemble for 10 days.We have a lot of fun and also unpleasant or funny happenings.
    We traveled by bus and our coordonator camed by his car.
    A funny happening was when we had to go on the seaport for a boat ride.
    It doesn't seem to be funny?Wait to see what happend...
    We went by bus and our coordonator by car,as i sad before.
    So,when we arrived the bus driver and the 'boss' parked the cars and then we were ready to go.
    Everything was ok,we enjoyed the boat ride ... sudentlly there was a big cargo ship carrying cars.It looked a little weird but nobody said something.
    All of a sudden we heard our coordonator screeming and gesturing that they tooked his car.We saw the car and everybody becomed alarmed.The boat led us to the ground and the injured was asking everyone what happend.
    It happend that there was a transport of cars and the 'boss' parked the car near to the ones which had to be tooken.The cars were tooken to Varna and he had to go there to recover his car.
    Fortunatelly,the firm which made this mistake apologised him and they have brought back his car by trailer.
    Finally,he was relieved that his car was ok that he traveled with us the rest of the journey.

  25. Last summer me and my friends decided to go on a trip in Bulgaria at Sunny Beach.Beside the fact that one of my friends passed the driving test we were determined to travel by his car.
    Arrived in Bulgaria at Sunny Beach we accommodated at the Victoria Hotel, which is situated on the beach.We were decided to stay a week.In the first three days, we had a lot of fun: we got sun-tanned, surf, visited the place around and in the evening we went to a free outdoor disco.Everything was ok, but unfortunately the fun didn't took so much because in the middle of week one of my friends had the idea to visit the Lutova Kushta museum, which is the most visited museum from Bulgaria.Riding towards museum we had part of an unliked surprise.The traffic police stopped us. We scarred of death.
    The Police asked the driver for the vehicle documents and driving licence, but supriseing us he had no driving licence only a proof paper valid just in Romania.
    The Police called a trailler to return our car back to Romania and we were left ouside there.Our things were left at the hotel because we couldn't get there to get them and we travelled home by bus.
    It was an unforgettable experience , in that time we were scarred but now this memory is really amusing.

  26. A short time ago,before Christmas,I went ou with a couple of friends for a ride in the town.We talked about interesting things that happend to us last week and what kind of things we did with our cars.
    I told them that I know a great place where we can drift,wich ish very interesting and you can feel how the adrenaline level gets high.One of my friend acoured a great ideea.The ideea was that we go somewhere where is frozen and we can drift.
    I didn't aspected for a better ideea,and ofcourse I agreed with the boys.Meanwhile riding there we drift along the road,I was riding slow but after a time s rided faster an I was drifting to.
    After a while the car became uncontrolable,I try to keep it under control but I couldn't.I saw before my eye how I get closer to the drop off.
    Fortunatly the car stoped in the righ time,I was very scared.I tryed to get out of the car and I noticed that on the left side a can't so I get out on the right side.
    This time I really had a good luck.When I bought the car it wasn't any scratch n it and I was happy i didn't get any scratch this time.My friends couldn't belive wath happed,if it was ture..Everything was okay and I was happy.The funny part of this story ish that the way home I run into an iceberg wich was on the road and broke the front of the car.

  27. Everything happened this summer when me and three friends of mine decided to spend a few days of summer holiday on the bulgarian beach.On the fourth day we were thinking to do something funny.Clau came with the idea that we should make a hole in the sand and then to cover it with a cardboard and then we wait.While we were sitting on our towels the people begin to fall in our trap.Some people didn`t enjoy our joke but some of them really like our idea and they put the cardboard back to his place.That was the funniest thing of the day.The next three days passed by very fast and came the day when we had to get back home.
    On the way home I remember that I know a short cut wich was a country side road.Beacause I didn`t pay attention to the road I hit a hole and one of the wheeels "went without us".We were a little upset beacause we didn`t get home at time but on the same time we were amused remembering what we did on the beach.
    That is my story.
    Covaci Marian-Emil ECTS second year.

  28. Once upon a time there was a girl called Jenna alias Little Red Riding Hood.
    She loved her grandmom, so she brought a Little Red Ford Ka (which was blue) to visit sometimes her, and to carry some food from the supermarket.
    After a little tune up Jenna was absolutely amazed she can get much more faster to her grandmother.
    In the way to her grandmother she saw a drag racing in the highway, she though it would be fun to try it out.
    She stoped with a very long and loud break line and screamed out from the window : Who dare to challenge me?
    Me, told the guy with the WolfVagen.
    They went to the starting line, the finish line was the Bulgarian border.
    The race started, they both were accelerated so fast that even a CFR train could'nt comply with that.
    And then suddenly a hole in the asphalt came up which is very often in Romania and broke Jenna s car axle and made the car stop immadietly.
    Jenna quickly wrote an sms to her grandma to send a car with a trailer.
    Her grandma knew a guy from the Bulgarian Border Patrol so she called him and asked him to help, by the way that guy's last job was Hunter, but it's not important in this story.
    And so once again the day is saved thanks to the "PowerPuffGuy".
    That's all Folks!

  29. I along with two girlfriends I went on holiday by plane on the Bulgarian coast.After a week of vacation with girlfriends, my fiance thought to make me a surprise and he came with the car for me in Bulgaria.All very nice ...
    My friends have left with the plane in Romania and I had to go back with my fiance, giving up flight ticket.We go a few miles, then we come in Sliven.At an intersection a car passed on red and hit us on the left side.It was an easy shot. A friend was also with his car in Bulgaria so we decided to call to tow us.He tows about 100 km and power steering is blocking.
    Meanwhile let the evening, leave him and battery,We struggled, put a flashlight over the rear seat.
    I arrive on the coils but we had no lights, no power steering,and during the descent we remain with no brakes.Our luck was that the man who tow us he had a drag bar and and he held us with engine brake.It had been in the morning and we stopped at a filling.There was police car and when they saw us ,They have stopped us.
    They wanted to make our record and we had to take a large fine but they took pity on us when they heard what we went... so they called a trailer and sent us home.
    I look in the past and now what happened seems to me a random funny,but it was a tragedy then.

  30. When I was in the 4th grade my class went on a trip to a camp somewhere up north.
    At some point during the trip my friend and I had followed a couple of wild pigs up the river toward a 10 meters waterfall about a 1/4 of a km from the camp. Near the edge of the fall my friend noticed some mint had grown. He began to pick it and chew it. What I failed to tell him was while he was looking out over the falls I saw one of the pigs pee on the mint he had been chewing on.
    To this day I make it a point not to eat mint I find growing in the forest…it might just have been the bathroom for many wild animals.

  31. I went with two girlfriends on holiday by plane on the Bulgarian coast.After a week of vacation with girlfriends, my fiance thought to make me a surprise and he came with his car after me in Bulgaria.All very nice ...
    My friends have left with the plane in Romania and I came back with my fiance, giving up flight ticket.We go a few miles.At an intersection a car passed on red and hit us on the left side.It was an easy shot. A friend was also with his car in Bulgaria so we decided to call him to tow us.He He has towed us about 100 km and and our car’s power steering was blocked.
    Meanwhile let the evening, leave him and car battery. We struggled very much without lights .He put a flashlight over the rear seat.
    I arrive on the coils but we had no lights, no power steering ,and during the descent coil we left with no brakes.Our luck was that the man who tow us, Sorin had a drag bar and he held us with engine brake .It had been in the morning and we stopped at a filling.There was a police car and when they saw us ,they stopped us.
    They wanted to make our record and we had to take a large fine but they took pity on us when they heard how many have we passed... so they called a trailer and sent us home.
    I look in the past and now what it happened …seems to me a random funny ,but then it was a tragedy.