Friday, 11 December 2009


This week's task is about ADVERTISING.
Pick up a commercial you've seen on TV, YouTube, etc. or an ad or poster you've encountered in a newspaper, journal or on the street hoardings and write about it considering the following:
1. What product is being advertised
2. Describe the images that you see. Is there a link between the images and the product?
3. What are the words that you hear/ the text that you can read?
4. What is the slogan/jingle?
5. What is the idea through which the product is presented/sold?
6. Motivate your choice: Why did you choose the ad? Do you think it is a successful one? Why?

Last piece of advice: try to focus on tricks advertisers use in order to convince us to buy the product, such as "the best" , "the new"... etc.


  1. These days I ran across an advertising in a magazine. It advertise Coldrex which is a medicine for colds and flu. I was begining to have a flu at that time so I acctually think that my subconscious was relly looking for some cure. And than I saw this image. It has bright red, orange and yellow colors that make me imagine how good I would feel if I would be at home in a warm bed, close to the fireplace. There is an obvious link between the images and the product.
    In the center of the image I can see a box of Coldrex on one arm of a kitchen scale and on he other arm some words : headache, running nose, fever, sore throat. All my simptoms. Of curse Coldrex was weighing more than all those simptoms.
    The slogan is ''Be stronger than the cold and the flu''.
    The product is advertised usually during cold season and is based on the idea that sick people look for an efficient and quick cure.
    I choose this add because it was what I needed at that time and it really convinced me to go to the pharmacy and buy it. The advertiser also stressed the fact that this medicine contains lemon and honey, making the consumer imagine the pleasant taste and warmth of a honey and lemon hot tea.

  2. I selected the commercial for Dorna mineral water. Their 2009 campaign is called The city loves the nature. In the commercial there is a nice song by Juno Reactor vs. Don Davis - Navras, and a guy is running from his desk in a tall building, during which a girl is running to him from the woods. They feel all the metals and structures they touch and finally they collide in the air. I think the idea of the add is that the nature ( trees, grass, water, rocks) and the city ( steel, glass, concrete) collide and are in strong and peacefull connection, water being the glue, the most powerfull element of all.
    I chose this add because water gives life to everything and is essential for a good and healthy life and in my opinion this commercial shows this very well.

  3. The BMW 5-Series GT(5-Series Gran Turismo)
    This spot promote the elegance and the power in the same time is a car for young rich people because this have power in the same time this is a car for old people because it have elegance.
    The word that I hear of this slogan are power , elegance ,relax .
    The slogan of this brand is „The Ultimate Driving Machine”
    The idea wich this product is presented is’’ the need of relax ,comffort , the spot show us all situation where you can use this car :when you are on offroad , in mountains or in to a difficult situation )
    I have chosen this spot because I like verry much this brand and is my favorit spot .
    This ad is successful for rich people (ussualy rich people wont to fill power , elegance and protection and this product offers all this things)

  4. 1. The product being advertised is a wine.
    2. The images are about a man who tries to register his vehicle with lot's of paperwork.
    3. The word than can be heard are coming from the man who is explaining that he has all the paperwork and starts naming the forms he brought.
    4. The slogan is " Romanian classic"
    5. The product name is "Romanian classic" which reflects that the wine is made based on a classic Romanian recipe, also classic, is the Romanian bureaucracy, which is shown in the clip (the man trying to register the vehicle and being denied registration because he is missing a seal).
    6. I chose the clip because it's funny but at the same time it reflects reality.

  5. I chose the commercial for Kandia chocolate.
    The images are about a young couple fell in love,a blak man and a white woman more exactly,in a romantic enviroment.
    I think it is a link between the images and product because the commercial wants to express the softly and beautiful way to combine milk and cocoa,metaphorically speaking through the woman which represent the "milk" and the man which represent "cocoa".
    The words that can be heard and which are symbolic are :chocolate,fine and love.
    The slogan is "Chocolate with love"!
    The idea that the product is presented and sold is the dedication and love,a chocolate that awakens beautiful fellings of love,which is shown in the clip through the couple.In the commercial there is a nice song by Mandalay-Beautiful,which represent too the ideas.
    I have chosen this commercial because it is presented one of my favorites chocolate.
    I think is a successful commercial because of the finess and lovely story it is presented.

  6. The product I chose is Elite coffee.
    In the images is presented a family regular morning.It's presented a woman who is thought and affter drinking coffee gain energy and good humor.
    The text what I can red is:"Your coffee from pot".
    The slogan is:"Coffee with heart!" Whit a cup of coffee Elite come back down to earth and ends go to your continue work.
    The idea that the product is presented is the good energy that you got if you drink Elite coffee.
    I have choses this add because I like to drink coffe and I like idea that coffe makes you vigorous.I think is a successful comercial because it's funny and I think many people drinks coffe.

  7. I choose an ad from the TV,it's about the JACOBS coffee.It is winter and it is Christmas.The whole family is together.The boy is waiting for Santa and for the presents,but he is not arriving.Mother is making Jacobs coffee.He takes a cup off coffee and and bring out to the balcony.The smell of the coffee is so good and strong that Santa smells it and he arrives right away.
    I heard the song "Oh,the weather outside is faithful,but the fire is so delightful .....
    The idea is that the coffee it smells very good but also tastes very good.Evan Santa smells it from fare away.
    I choose this ad because I liked the song.This is a successful ad because the coffee is very good and many people bought it and drank it, Santa also.

  8. I chose the commercial for Maggi Secret Taste.
    The images are about a woman who cooks for her family with Maggi,Maggi is packed in a yellow packaging with vegetables on it,this product is a spice food condiment.
    The word that can be heard and which are:food,spice,vegetables...
    The slogan is:"Your parthners for tasty and balanced meals!"
    The idea of this commercial is to convince people that this spice give extra flavor foods.
    I chose this product Maggi because i know of own experience as maggi give that extra flavor foods

  9. The product i choose is ROM chocolate.
    In the commercial is presented in a winter day a girl that have a ROM chocolate in his hands and take a bite.After she take the bite ,she imagine that she is in a tropical place on a yacht standing to the sun. After a while a chubby guy cames on the yacht with a stereo listening "manele" very loud and ruins the dream for that girl which stop imagine that she is on that yacht.
    The slogan of this commercial is "ROM Senzatii tari. Romanesti" that means i think ROM Incredible experince.
    I choose this commercial because it's funny and show us the life in romania.This is succesful ad because it's funny and the ROM chocolate is very good.

  10. I chose to present the Dove soap because it is the first product of the Dove's scale, a soap which contains one fourth of hydrating creame and neutral ingredients of skin cleaning, the image which represent this product is a Dove, which also is the name of this product too.
    In my opinion it is a obvious link between the image and product, namely the same as Dove so as the women after using this product feel clean, fresh and free....
    The words that can be heard are: clean and fresh, awake your feelings. " The truth about a beautiful skin" is the slogan through is presented this product.
    The idea through the product is presented and sold is that the soap-creame Dove ensures a softly smooth skin in a way that no other ordinary soap does.
    Dove makes women feel beautiful by urging them to care thier self. I have chosen this commercial because it is my favourite soap-cream, Dove cleans and hydrate in the same time keeping smooth the ph and naturally barrier of skin against dehydration.
    I believe that the soap-cream Dove is a successful commercial because it is a very good quality product, Dove being a trustworthy brand which always keeps its promises

  11. The product introduced is the new dark temptation Ax. In this ad you can see a guy who wakes up in the morning and use the new axes and went out on the street and turn into a man of chocolate and all girls were crazy when they look at him. Between product and image presented there is no connection, but it's funny, but at the end of ad you can make the link between product and image with the slogan shown. The slogan is as follows "as irresistible AS CHOCOLATE, DARK TEMPTATION NEW AX. The idea in this ad is how women cannot resist the new axis as such as a chocolate. I chose this ad because I like the product, not very successful but is funny

  12. I saw this funny commercial on youtube and I thought to write about it .
    The ad is about the important to know English . Here is describe a german coastguard who does not understand an English S.O.S distress call.
    The idea in this ad is that someone life may depend on your knowledge .
    I choose this ad I thought it was very funny , and I think is a successful one because combine comedy with useful .

  13. I chose a Vichy product,Aqualia Thermal Cream.I see this commercial on the TV.It is presented the product,and a demonstration.The unique power of Vichy Thermal Spa Water's rare minerals.24H hydratation at the heart of the cells for a fortified skin.High efficacy on shooting and fortifying skin condition,skin becomes healthier.The slogan of Vichy is:Vichy,health is beautiful.
    I choose these one because I use Vichy products and it is very very good,but the commercial is not a succesfull one because is bore.

  14. 1. I chose an advertising of an anti-wrinkle cream, named Revitalift Deep-set Wrinkle Repair, manufactured by the famous company L'Oreal Paris (You can find the ad on the following link: click here )
    2. The first images are representing the actress Andie MacDowell (she was born in 1958) who is complaining about he deep wrinkles of the forehead and face. The next images show that after 8 weeks of use of Revitalift the wrinkles are noticeably reduced, by repairing the broken fibers which causes them.
    3. The keywords of the ad are: new, advanced, clinically proven. These words are meant to convince the people about the efficiency of this product. The tricks used by the advertisers are that they say the wrinkles are "noticeably reduced", but the images show how they totally disappear; the actress looks like a teenage girl, not like a woman in the early 50's. I don't think that somebody can look so young thanks to the creams she uses...
    4. The slogan is: "We're worth it!"
    5. The idea is that everyone wants to look young and beautiful, thus the advertisers present an attractive, convincing and popular person, to promote their product. They also use scientific terms (like pro-retinol A, broken fiber repair, clinically proven results, etc.)so the ad is more credible.
    6. I chose this ad because I wanted to show that this kind of exaggerated presentation has an opposite effect on people. I would never buy a product which promises the impossible... Everyone has wrinkles as he gets older, but hey.. that's something normal and we shouldn't fight against this process. Just keep on smiling with or without wrinkles!

  15. I selected the commercial Coca-Cola Vanilla. Its principal brand is of course Coca-Cola itself, the world's best-known and most valuable brand. Picture which I see is a guy with a girl in the car in a traffic jam, his horn like crazy, then there three policemen who gives a Coke and then the three policemen begin dancing on a song very beautiful. There is an obvious link between the images and the product. In the center of the image I can see the box and a voice that says relax with a coca-cola coca-cola vanilla. Has more slogans but the more I like is "Always Coca-Cola" and "All the world loves a Coke". The product is advertised usually during hot seazon and is based on the idea that people can cool off with a cold Coke. I chose this product because I like to drink Coca-Cola and is successful in all countries because more than 70% of the world drink coca-cola.

  16. The product which is being advertised is a shampoo called Pantene Pro-v. The commercial is about 5 woman who talk about their secret to shine. Their hair looks healthy and cared. Obvious is a link between the images and the product. Women say they wash their hair every morning with Pantene. They talk about how nice pleasant smell have after the bath, what fun is to touch your hair and how healthy is.They say that when your hair looks perfect,you shine and when you shine you can do anything.The slogan which is used is ‘Only one can give the shine that you need,that’s Pantene,only Pantene,always Pantene.’The idea trough which the product is presented is what all woman need,the hair care and confidence that give to all of us even the simple brilliance of the hair.I chose this commercial because is a good advice for all woman to take care of the hair.I use this shampoo and it is very good,just like woman said in the commercial,I’am pleased with it.

  17. 1.I chose the commercial for Coca-Cola .
    2.The images viewed are about a man whhich meets his former girlfriend in store and is asked by her haw it fells and after drinking Coca Cola Zero says that only know that I can handle.
    3 The word that can be heard and which are:coca-cola zero drink,a men,a woman...
    4.The slogan is: always Coca Cola
    5.The idea that the product is prested and sold is the delicious refreshments .
    6.I chose this commercial because i like coca-cola zero .

  18. I want to speak about Tuborg beer.It has a special Christmas edition,which is limited,of course but it has a strong link to winter and the season when it is promoted.
    On the ad you can see some snow on the bottle of beer and also its snowing all over the places,there is Santa too who appears in the comercial and he is carried by a van,so there is a strong link between the product and the ad.
    The words you can hear are for example 'Ho Ho Ho',sais Santa and its singing a little song.The slogan of this comercial is 'You and Tuborg'.
    I choose to write about this ad because i like it and and i think it is a succesful one because everybody has tasted at least one time this beer.

  19. 1. Alli - weight loose pill
    2. The image presents an overweight lady , takeing Alli pills and loosing more weight than without takeing these pills.
    Between the images and the product , yes, there is a link it shown the pills result on human body.
    3. The words are :
    " loose more weight with Alli ! "
    4. The slogan is : " loose more weight with 1/2 kg with Alli !.
    5. The idea is based on beauty and takeing control on our body.
    6. I choose this ad , because more and more people is overweight today and needs to loose weight .

  20. 1.The product being advertised is a chocolate.
    2.The images are about a gorilla who plays the drums after eating Cadbury's chocolate.Everything is possible after a piece of chocolate.The song of this ad it's fits perfectly.-On the air-this is feeling after a chocolate.
    3.The words are:A glass and a half full of joy-Cadbury-Dairy Milk
    4.The slogan is:A glass and a half full of joy
    5.The idea that the product is presented:satisfaction,relaxation and impulsivity/courage to do anything after a piece of chocolate.
    6.I choose this ad because it's my favorite chocolate,it's the best chocolate.I love this ad and I am sure that was a successful movie/advertismnet,at least it's original.

  21. I have decided to talk about a commercial that I’ve seen on the youtube. It isn’t about making profits, it’s about something much more important, our lifes.
    The product that is being advertised is the “safty belt” from the cars, it’s importance.
    The commercial starts with a landscape in which a tree is in the first plan, it’s peacefull, it’s quit…but suddenly you can hear a sound, a crash and the tree flickers. After that a crashed car is being shown and it’s asleep passengers…suddenly a reassuring song stars and you can see how the passengers souls try to rise up towards the heaven. One of the souls struggles to rise as well as the others do, but he has no success…a few seconds later the passenger who’s soul hasn’t succed to get free wake’s up and grabs the “safty belt” and the music stops.
    The slogan used is : “HEAVEN CAN WAIT
    BELT UP”.
    I have choosen to talk about this add, because it’s message has an important impact on everyone will see it… hopefully people will be more cautious when driving their cars and use the safty belt because it can save our life.

  22. 1. The milka chocolate.
    2. A woman taste this chocolate and she had a dream with the Alps sight.Between image and product are not related.
    3. The finest in the Alps and the pleasure comes with every piece of milka you feel like you are right there.
    4. Slogan is chocolate itself.
    5. Idea is to get this chocolate to be selling.
    6. Because I like this chocolate.Yes I belive is very successful.Beacause it has a distinct taste compared to other.

  23. The TV advert that i have chosen is from a VW Golf commercial. It's about a rich guy who gambles allot of money and he inevitably looses the cash. He gets out from the casino quite sad but then when he sees his VW Golf parked outside he is starting to be happy again. That's the time the commercial ends and the narator sais: "You can always rely on your Golf".

    I chose this advert because the way they introduced the moral is actually quite ingenious.

  24. The product which is being advertised is the beer.
    The images in this advertising are about a man who is drinking a beer in a swimming-pool without water.His friend is coming and asking him "how is it?", "it's cold and refreshing" and his friend is jumping in the unladen swimming-pool because he asked about the water in the pool not about the beer and he didn't see that ther is noh water in the pool.
    There is no link between the images and the product.
    The slogan is"Refreshes like nothing on earth".
    The idea of this add is that this bear refreshes better than the water in the pool in a hot day of summer.
    I choose this add because it is very funny, and each man is concentrated on what he likes:first man the"cold and refreshing beer"and second man the water in the swimming pool.

    I picked up this comercial because it one of my favourite. In this comercial the nokia xpress music edition is advertised,you can see some alive headphones singig and moving to the music.The link between the images and the prodict is that if you have a phone like that you can feel an experience like the headphone is alive.The words that you can hear at the and of the comercial:Nokia XpressMusic.Do the Music.
    The slogan is common for all the Nokia products...: Nokia..Connecting people
    The message of the comercial is for young peoples...who likes to listen to the music from the phone,and if they want to have an ultimate experience this phone is the right choice. I think that this one is a succesful comercial because i saw many people with phones like this .

  26. PUMA is the product I chose to present.When I think at PUMA I see all activities that belongs to sport beacause they produce sprot footwear and clothes.The link between the images and the product is that the animal puma represent power, nimble and strenght and the PUMA products are very comfortable to wear and very resistence. That`s why I like PUMA and every producer should have these qualitys for his products.Well the answer for question three is this,PUMA is more than a sneaker as their concept and theme is focused on "lifestyle" brand.There isn`t a slogan connected with the designer ,however there are collection,such as Mihara,Nuala,96 hours etc.So PUMA doesn`t really need a slogan as their concept is to connect with lifestyle.So if you are really looking for a slogan I would say "PUMA it`s your lifestyle" but just PUMA alone is a slogan on it`s own.The idea of this product is that when you wear it you have to feel free and comfortable.I chose this ad beacause I have some of this products and I am satisfied of the quality .I think it is a succesful one beacause it is known all around the world and is one of the best products in this area.
    Covaci Marian-Emil ECTS second year.

  27. The product i choose is Blue Seduction.Blue Seduction for men is a eau de toilette. The commercial is about two people, Antonio Banderas and a woman. The woman has a bottle of Blue Seduction in her hands and she spray Antonio Banderas with that parfume.The women was seducted by the smell of that parfume and by him and he grab Antonio Banderas and take him in to the bathroom.
    The slogan of this commercial is "Be sexy.Be yourself" and that means "Fi sexi.Fi tu insuti".
    I choose this commercial because I like that eau the toilette and I think is succesful because Antonio Banderas play in that commercial.

  28. I chose the comercial for Adidas.
    This comercial was made by Kaka .He talks abouat his past and as a footballer became so famous.In october 2000 he fractured 6 vertebrae.When he heard the diagnosis he was scared.He belived that there will never be able to play football.But he has recovered completely and become one of the best players.
    The slogan is”IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING”

  29. My name is Simon Lizetta
    1.A Nivea launched a new shower gel. The new product was advertised on TV. The name of the product Nivea Beauty Pearls
    2. She bathed with the new shower gel.
    3. The words are: "the perfect combination of cream and oil through beautiful soft skin", "irresistible soft wine each shower".
    4. The slogan is :"Touch of Beauty"
    5. The idea is the secret to beautiful skin lies in the shower gel.
    6. I choose this advertising because I think that a lot of lady's response to the Nivea products because I get what you expect of the product. I also use the Nivea and recommend something else for a very good product.