Thursday, 17 December 2009

"What's in a rose...." Brand names

Brand names can be a company's most precious asset. Pick up a brand name and analyze it in terms of the following:
1. is there a link bewtween the product and the name?
2. if it is an international brand, was the name translated into Romanian? If not, does the name make any difference for the consumers?
3. What are the connotations (positive, negative) that the name reflects on the product?
4. Now think of a new product you would like to introduce on the market and find a suitable name for it. Explain why you think this is the best name.


  1. I would like to talk about Adidas.Everybody heard at least once in their life the name Adidas but not many know where does it come from. The founder of the famous sportswear company is Adolf "Adi" Dassler and you can figure it out by yourself how the brand name was formed.
    Obviously Adidas can not be translated, so it is the same everywhere in the world and therefore this brand has a very strong identity and it makes it unique.
    The connotations the brand name Adidas has today, like originality, high quality, good design or fashion trend, are based on over 80 years of sustainable business outlining thousands of products, introducing new sportswear concepts and satisfying millions of customers.
    One product I think would have success these days is an adjustable laptop table that you can use sitting on a chair, armchair or even lying in a bed. The name I would give to this product would be Gina because it is something personal, friendly and feminine.

    Adrian FILIP

  2. Coca-Cola is probably the most famous brand in the world. The brand name comes from the two main ingredents of the product: cocaine and caffeine. The first was derived from the coca leaf and the latter from the kola nut, the letter "k" being replaced by a "c" from marketing purposes.
    There is no translation in Romanian, as in any other languages, without considering the non arabic writting nations.
    Along the years Coca-Cola took a position of a familly product through its commercials, bottle shape or label. When you think about Coca-Cola you immediatly have in mind quality, that caramel taste or hollidays.
    If I were to create a product, that would be a wine that doesn't have too much alcohol and which is caramel flavoured. The best name for it would be Gentili because it has perfect acoustics and it also means soft in italian.

  3. The trade mark I have chosen is PUMA , a company producing sporting products such us clothing and footwear. Everyone know that the company's logo is a Puma. In the animal's world puma means power,agility and strenght , traits which the producers want for their products. Indeed.Puma's sport shoes are resistence and very comfortable to wear - it's my favourite mark.
    If I would want to creat a new model it would adress to women. It would be a sport shoe with high sole by 3 cm.,without laces and in strong colours like orange,purple...and cut up like classic shoes.
    Of the new model's name I don't know what to say, but perhaps I will give it a number like all other models puma.

  4. Poiana is a brand well known in Romania that produces sweets after a Swiss recipe.
    It all started in 1852,when Philippe Suchard opened a small shop with chocolate specialty in the Swiss Alps,in Neuchatel. Over the years, the Swiss craftsmanship is found in Romania through Poiana Suchardine,fine chocolate candy produced by combination of different creams with the finest chocolate.
    If you want to do someone a gift,you can offer Poiana's products because of their exquisite taste,so you can provide moments of joy to that person.
    If I want to creat a new product it would be a combination of dark chocolate and jelly of roses,for the beginning in a limited edition,which would call "Scent of rose".

  5. I appreciate your ideas and creativity.
    However, the problem was the brand name. To analyze a name that we most usually take for granted, what it means, if there is a link say, between 'a dove' and the soap/shampoo name? Would you prefer to buy 'porumbita' or 'paloma'? (Spanish). I liked the explanation about Puma which sounds the same in Romanian. But why is Poiana called like that? What does the name mean to you and the producers intended it to mean?
    Looking forward to other brand names...

  6. Chanel is a Parisian fashion house founded by the late couturier Coco Chanel, recognized as one of the most chic in haute couture. Specializing in luxury goods (haute couture, ready-to-wear, handbags, perfumery, cosmetics, watches), the Chanel label has become one of the most recognized names in the luxury and haute couture fashion industry. There is a strong link between the brand and it's name, anywhere you are in the world it's still pronounced the same and it relflects the same thing: luxury and beauty. The signature Chanel logotype is an interlocking double-C (one facing forwards the other facing backwards.) Originally it was not a logo that Coco Chanel came up with. The logo was given to her by the Chateau de Cremat in Nice. The logotype was not trademarked until the opening of the first Chanel stores.
    I don't own anything from Chanel yet, but i like the way the Coco Mademoiselle perfume smells and hope to have one soon. :)
    A new product i would launch might be a pair of stilettos with heels of 10 centimeters, which would change their colour by the touch of a button. This way they your favourite shoes would match any outfit or mood you're in. I would call them Precious, because heels are a girls best friend!

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    when you answer this post (and others) take care to answer the questions that I have asked.

    I do not publish posts that do not answer the questions, such as:
    Eniko - Ford
    Bianca - Nike

    So, please redo these comments.

  8. I would like to speak about Avon. Avon is an american company which was founded in 1886 in the US, but it is now known all over the world. This company produces cosmetics and different accessories. The company's name comes from the name of Shakespeare's birth place Stratford upon Avon. The founder of this company was fascinated by Shakespeare's creation and visited Stratford upon Avon. Therefor he decided to name his company Avon. In conclusion, there is no obvious link between the brand and their products.We might say,tough, that Avon is a good name for beauty as it represents both a beautiful place and beauty products. We can't translate Avon in romanian but I can't help wondering if I would choose a brand name Ipotesti. After all, we also have our great poet Eminescu and Ipotesti is his birth place. The truth is I would stick to Avon because it sounds more commercial. Even if the name does not translate in romanian, this brand is very successful in Romania because it has the experience of more than a century in producing cosmetics. If I would launch a new brand it will be a perfume named Atalina. Even if the name has no obvious meaning I think it will make people wonder where does it come from. The answer: it is an anagram of my name.

  9. I would like to talk about Lacoste.The name Lacoste come from the famous French,Jean Rene Lacoste,a form tenismen,who tried to make the connection between sports and brand.
    Unfortunately,its name brand Lacoste can not be translated.Lacoste brand connotations are:originality,the business works for many years and produces both new things and traditional things such as the famous polo shirt.
    I want to create a new fragrance parfume for women be named Blanco because i want to be a delicate parfume.Blanco word means white and can be paired well with the delicate

  10. I chose Johnson&Johnson.I think everybody heard at least once Johnson&Johnson.
    Johnson&Johnson's brands include numerous household names of medications and first aid supplies.
    Johnson&Johnson is an international brand and obviously can not be translated,it is the same everywhere in the world.
    The connotations the Brand name Johnson&Johnson has today like hight quality and products that help people live healthier lives.
    Are based on many years of sustainable business outlining thousands of products,introducing new concepts and satisfying millions of customers.

  11. The brand that I would like to talk about is Sony.
    1. Yes there is. Since the first products were mostly sound related the first part of the name reflects that (first part comes from latin word sonus, and the second part comes from the 50's word sonny wich was a slang for boy, The name suggest sound boy)
    2.The name was not translated because it is not possible. It is a "made up" name composed from parts of two different names
    3. The only thing that I can think of it is that back in the 50's it was intended to attract young people to buy the product (a radio at first). I am not aware of any negative aspects.
    4. the new product i would make would be an energy drink called volcano. The name would suggest that the drink has the energy of a volcano.

  12. I chose Milka.I think everybody heard or tasted at least once Milka chocolate.Milka is Kraft Food's best-selling brand of milk chocolate.It was created in 1901 in Austria,by Swiss chocolatier Philippe Suchard as his first milk chocolate variety.
    The brand has a well-known symbol the "Milka Cow".The name is believed to be derived from combining "MILch und KAkao" (the German terms for milk and cocoa,it's primary ingredients).That's why I think there is a link between the product and the name.
    Milka is an international brand and obviously can not be translated,it is the same everywhere in the world.The name make the difference because the consumers experience the superior taste of chocolate.
    The connotations the brand name Milka has today,like:the finest milk chocolate and special ingredients, are based on over 100 years of existence.
    One product I think would have success these days is a laptop with touch screen because it would be much easier to use.I would call him "glamorous" because it would be a stylish design.

  13. I would like to speak about NIVEA.
    Considered one of the largest skin and body care brand globally, Nivea is owned by Beiersdorf, a German company. It had its beginning in 1911 when water-in-oil emulsifier was developed as a cream for skin with Eucerit (first stable emulsion). Oskar Troplowitz (company's owner) named it Nivea inspired by the Latin word niveus/nivea/niveum that meant "snow white".
    "Nivea"is an international brand but it is not translated in Romanian.
    Me , like consumer I think that Nivea is the expert of skin care, and not only me but also lot of others consumers.
    I don't think that this brand has some negative connotations, only positive like: a bit of that white cream makes you feel warm and comfortable. As it makes its way through your skin leaving behind a lovely mild scent, you feel nice about yourself and the people around you.
    If it would be posible, i would like to create a money machine.A machine which would make money every moment i need it.The name of this machine would be"Miracle" because it would be a big miracle the existance of this machine.

  14. One of the most famous brand in the world today is the Nike. The company Nike was founded in 1963, when Bill Bowerman and Phis Knight wanted to change the present sportswear. The name has nothing to do with the product. First the brand was Blue Ribbon Sports, and after selling 200 Tiger shoes it was changed to Nike. The brand is known in the whole world as Nike, and it wasn't translated in any languages, nor to Romanian. The connotations that Nike has today are: quality, great design, comfort, and trend. The brand Nike is beloved by everyone, teens, elder people since is was founded, since 46 years ago. A product I would like to introduce on the market is SkiCar. It's like a ski that drivers can use on their cars during the winter to go on roads that are covered with snow. Nowdays I think this would be a great invention on every part of the world.

  15. I would like to talk about Jaguar ,the famous cars named Jaguar.The Jaguar cars are named after the cats jaguar from here the qualities of the cars .This word has an echo magic. Fabulous English sports car we see before our eyes the perfect shape and speeding like a fireball. He is extremely fast and expensive.This is the link between the name and the product,attractive style,speed and performance.Jaguar can not be translated,it is the same everywhere.The connotations that the name reflects agility,strong design and performance.If I want to create a new product is a juice ,a combination of pineapple and figs,which would call “Exotic juice.”

  16. I chose Lion chocolate because I like it very much.Lion is a king between chocolates.This chocolate is a product of Nestle company.Henry Nestle achieved his fame with the notable characteristics of his invention.The symbol of the name and the nest(Nestle meaning in German little nest)is guaranteed it as the result of the constant quality of products.In the animal's world lion is the king of animals,means energy and the best.The connotations of these brand is the quality based on over 100 years.
    An own product what I would like to prepare a medicine like that from which the man never grows old.

  17. I would like to talk about Apple. Apple is an American multinational corporation that designs and manufactures consumer electronics and computer software products.The company's best-known hardware products is iPod and iPhone.
    The logo is Apple that means "mar".The name of the company is given by the name of the favorite fruit of co-founder Steve Jobs and for the time he worked at an apple orchard.The connotations the brand name Appel has today, like high quality, good design, are based on over 34 years experience,introducing new concepts and satisfying millions of customers.
    I would like to create a chair with everyting that i want, a mini fridge,some food, massage and the name will be "Alex" because it's my name and my idea.

  18. Between product and name is now a high concordance because its effects are reflected in the name, it transforms us skin almost in a new skin .
    The name has not been translated into Romanian because it still has not penetrated the Romanian market
    For people are more important effect of this product than the name itself
    New-Skinis the brand that consumers have trusted for over
    100 years to provide a clear, flexible, waterproof covering that is breathable yet tough enough to last for days.
    New-Skin is the original and the 1 Liquid Bandage Brand. It's so easy to use too! Simply brush it on dries rapidly to form a clear protective cover that helps kill germs with an antiseptic.
    It’s so simple, it fast! unlike regular bandages that can come off when they get wet, New-Skin is waterproof and flexible – that’s why we say it's the bandage that stays on. New-Skin liquid is perfect for small cuts and scrapes.
    Spray uses the same trusted formula in a spray applicator, making it easier to cover larger areas.
    New-Skin Scar therapy is the easy to use scar treatment gel that visibly reduces the appearance of scars in as little as six weeks.
    I want to penetrate the market with a 100% natural juice because I had a little competition and in the same time it is healthy the best name for it would be NATURAVITAL because it is also healthy and vital for our body.

  19. Nokia is one of the most well known mobile phones and accessories company from all over the world.
    The image trough which the company is described shows two hands greeting each other under which appears the slogan „Connecting people!”
    The link between the image and company is the fact that Nokia gives a helping hand to its truthful clients by offering them innovating products and a faster connecting.
    Despite the fact that the company name Nokia cannot be translated into Roumanian language however it is well known all over the world thanks to its high quality products.
    The product I would like to launch it is an iPhone integrated with a mini LCD touch screen, five megapixels camera also the 3G camera having five megapixels, at least ten GB memory, named BEST iPhone.

  20. Google is one of the most popular brands on the Internet and this was proved by the numerous surveys conducted by the research companies. Because it is so famous, most of the Internet users are frequently talking about it just like about a person. But have you ever asked yourselves what Google means or at least where the Google term comes from ? Well a popular web-based dictionaries define Google as “ a trademark used for an internet search engine” . According to the Google guys, the company's name comes from the word 'googol' which is actually a number invented by Milton Sirotta. Because it is a company name, Google is a noun , however, slowly but sure, it evolves and tends to become a verb as numerous users refer to the act of searching the Internet as "googling", or ” I'm going to Google it".
    Google translate in Romanian remains the same , and means the same.
    The connotations of this brand is positive , because I can’t see anything negative in this product and his name.

  21. 1. The brand I chose to analyze is the Volkswagen. This brand refers to automobiles manufactured in Wolfsburg, Germany. The brandname is a "speaking" name, because it defines the product itself.
    2. The word Volkswagen is a common German noun, which means "people's car". Although this brand name has a meaning, it has never been translated into other languages. Probably because of the abbreviation of this brand is VW, which looks cool, and a translation would ruin this logo :)
    3. This brand name reflects a positive connotation on the product, because it suggests that this product is accessible for everyone. It also can have a negative connotation for those people who have special demands and don't like to buy mass-produced articles.
    4. A new product I can think of is a dishwasher, which works similarly to a vacuum-cleaner, meaning that it would not consume so much water, it would only use a little bit of hot steam and vacuum to clean the dishes. This way we could save a lot of water... The brand name of this machine would be: "Wisewash". I think this name would be suitable, because everyone likes to be considered smart, so by buying a "wise" machine, it would suggest that the user of this is wise, too.

  22. The brand that I would like to talk about is Mercedes-Benz

    1.Mercedes-Benz is a German manufacturer of luxury automobiles. It is currently a division of the parent company, Daimler AG formerly DaimlerChrysler, after previously being owned by Daimler-Benz. Mercedes-Benz has its origins in Karl Benz's creation of the first petrol-powered motorcycle in January 1886, and by Gottlieb Daimler.

    2.The name was not translated because it is not possible. No, the name makes no difference to customers who buy, because they like only the car and because is a faimous brand.

    3.I do not think that is a negative connotation, but I think that is a positive, because, is intended to attract as many customers to buy product.

    4.the new product i would make would be an energy drink called hurricane. Name would suggest that the drink should have a hurricane strength.

  23. I would like to talk about Dacia.
    1.Yes there is.Dacia occur in Romania on the old Dacian territory
    2.Obviously the brand name can not be translated.The company is Renault
    3.Dacia is achieved with a small product and operating and maintenance costs are low
    4.The new product that I like to launch is mini camera because that occupies less space and consume very little energy .

  24. I think most of the people heard about the ROLEX brand.Rolex Sa. is a Swiss manufacturer of high quality,luxury wristwatches.The heritage of the Rolex watches brand began when in 1905,Hans Wilsdorf founded a London based company dealing with the distribution of watches.3 years later,he baptized his firm in name of Rolex.The watch brand became the premier possessor of the official chronometer certificate in the year of 1910.Before Rolex no wristwatch was awarded with this prestigious certificate.
    The brand is known in the whole world as Rolex and it can not be translated in any other languages,in Romanian has also the Rolex name.
    The word Rolex was made up,but it's origin is obscure.The owner was said to want his watch brand's name to be easily pronounceable in any language.He also thought that the name Rolex was onomatopoeic,sounding like a watch being wound.It was also short enough to fit on the face of a watch.The connotations the brand Rolex has today ,like a very good quality and long history behind.The luxuries watches are very expensive and not anybody has a Rolex watch on his hand.
    The product which I would like to introduce on the market is a cake without sugar and I would call it Sweet@Healthy.

  25. I will speak about a famous brand of beer,Carlsberg.It was founded by J.C. Jacobsen in 1847 in Copenhaga.
    The brand name comes from Carl,the name of Jacobsen's son and the translation of the word 'deal' from danish wich means 'berg'.
    Carlsberg is an international brand so its name can't be translated.The fact that it is an international brand doesn't make any difference for the consumer.The connotations that the name reflect on the product are insignificants because the people who consume it appreciate the real value of the product not the name or the brand.
    I would like to introduce on the market a book about good manners,signed by me.The reason why i would do that is because of us,people who forgot how to behave and speak.

  26. The brand id Ford
    1. There is a link between the name Ford and the Ford brend Henry Ford created the village industries program to bring jobs in a small towns in america
    2. It is an international brand the name Ford is not translated in Romanian , because it is known in all over the world.
    3. The connotations are positive , that the name reflects on the product .
    4. " Miracle Drink " , this is the best name for my new product , because contains all the vitamins and keep fit our body.

  27. Brand names can be a company's most precious asset. Pick up a brand name and analyze it in terms of the following:

    1. is there a link bewtween the product and the name?

    2. if it is an international brand, was the name translated into Romanian? If not, does the name make any difference for the consumers?

    3. What are the connotations (positive, negative) that the name reflects on the product?

    4. Now think of a new product you would like to introduce on the market and find a suitable name for it. Explain why you think this is the best name.

    The brand I would like to talk about is Danone. Everybody heard at least one in its life of it.
    When you hear Danone you think automatically at dairy products, so yes there is a link between the product and the name. The original company bearing the corporate name was founded in 1919 by Isaac Carasso in Barcelona (Spain) as a small factory producing yoghurt. The factory was named "Danone", a Catalan diminutive of the name of his first son, Daniel.
    The name cannot be translated and it doen’t make any difference to the costumers.
    Danone claims world leadership in fresh dairy products, so there are positive connotations that reflects on the product.

    If I would have the possibility to create a new product I would create cloths with the propriety of auto-cleaning. I would name the product: Auto-Clean Cloths or A.C.C.

  28. Boots has its roots in the mid-19th century when John Boot, an agricultural worker, moved to Nottingham to start a new business.He opened a small herbalist store on Goose Gate in 1849, from which he prepared and sold herbal remedies.His business soon proved popular, especially with the working poor of Nottingham's new industries.After John's death his son Jesse took sole control.Jesse's talent for business was soon evident.
    He expanded the range of products he sold to include proprietary medicines and household necessities.He adopted a strategy of buying stock in bulk and selling his goods much cheaper than his competitors, advertising under the slogan "Health for a Shilling".In 1884 he also employed his first qualified pharmacist to dispense medicines, and oversee the recruitment of others, enhancing the professional reputation of the company.Jesse's policy of superior goods at competitive prices delivered with expert care,meant that the Boots name quickly became synonymous with quality,value and service.In 1890 he had just 10 stores and by 1914 this had risen to over 550 stores throughout England, Scotland and Wales.The range of products sold also expanded beyond traditional chemists lines - from stationery, to silverware and picture framing, as well as the introduction of new services like Booklovers Libraries and Cafes in the larger stores. Many of these new lines and services were fostered by Jesse's wife, Florence. The growing retail side of the business was partnered by a growth in manufacturing of Boots own brand products and research into new pharmaceuticals and chemicals. A Day Continuation School (later renamed Boots College) was opened to provide extended academic and vocational education for younger employees. Under John's Chairmanship (Jesse's son) the company continued to develop: key brands No7 and Soltan were both launched in the 1930s. More recent decades have seen the introduction of successful brands such as 17 cosmetics and Botanics, and new business ventures such as Boots Opticians.
    1.All brands produced by Boots have Boots logo and are much cheaper than other companies (I refer especially to drugs with the same ingredients and not only)and they are as good as other brands.
    2.It is an international brand,yes the name can be translated into romanian language and it's means "cizma",but in our pharmacies their products keeps name Boots.
    3.I do not know if everyone has heard of Boots (although are also found in pharmacies Sensiblu), but those who used their products are very pleased of them, including me. 1.All brands produced by Boots have Boots logo and are much cheaper than other companies (I refer especially to drugs with the same ingredients and not only).
    4.If I could I create a product to help pregnant woman don’t feel pain during labor, I think this product would be revolutionary and it will be called: Without Pain but it's too nice to be true

  29. The brand name I would like to comment upon is the famous Tennesse Whiskey well known to everyone in the world, Jack Daniel’s.
    In this case, as in many other brand’s, the name of the product is the same as it’s creator.
    As far as I am aware, it’s name is considered an international brad, and it isn’t translated in other languages, plus that even if it would be translated I don’t see any reason because for that, it will only lose it’s resonance.
    From my point of view, the name Jack Daniel’s it gives me a positive impression, it inspires me quality, it inspires me elegance, good taste and inspiration towards life :
    “We all know age isn’t the same thing as maturity. It’s true of people and it’s true of whiskey.
    Experience determines maturity. It’s what a whiskey experiences while inside the barrel and not simply how long it’s been there that gives it the rich color, character, and taste that we call mature. Mellowing our whiskey through ten feet of sugar maple charcoal, crafting our own barrels, and placement in the barrelhouse—each contributes to how our whiskey matures. Age by itself isn’t a reliable measure of a whiskey’s quality and character. Which is why our tasters tell us when the whiskey is ready. We judge its quality the same way you do – with a sip.”

    If I would have the possibility to create something, that would be a robot that cleans after us, cooks, does different homeworks so thar people and students would have more free time for doing what they enjoy most.
    The brand name that I would use, would be : ‘Robo Will”. The name is easy to keep in mind and is very suggestive.
    As a slogan I would use the foolowing phrase :
    “When tasks over power you, “Robo Will” spare you!!!”

  30. The brand i have chosen is Opel.
    Opel is a German automobile company founded in 1863.
    The lightning bolt on the Opel badging is a reference to the famous Opel Blitz truck.
    The brand got it's name from it's creator, Adam Opel. Because Opel is a name it cannot be translated into Romanian or any other language, wich is a good thing because it kinda gives the brand a more notorious status.
    There is no special connotation between the name of the brand and it's products, being one of the industrie's giant you just connect the name Opel with automotive industry.

    If i were to launch a product on the market it would be online. I would call it "simply.create".
    The product would be a web site in wich you can learn tons of stuff you can do by yourself but you're currently not. The brand name would have a great connection to the website's activity domain.

  31. The predecessor to what is now called Burger King was founded in 1953 in Jacksonville, Florida as Insta-Burger King. The original founders and owners, Kieth J. Kramer and his wife's uncle Matthew Burns, opened their first stores around a piece of equipment know as the Insta-Broiler oven proved so successful at cooking burgers, they required all of their franchises to carry the device. It has the Burger King name because it means that is the king of the burgers,the best. The connotation the brand name Burger King has today,like high quality based on over 60 years and it is the second biggest fast-food in the world.
    A new product wich I would like to introdus in the market is a yard wich moves automaticaly like a moving stair,with the Yka name because is come frome my name: Sanyika

  32. I decided to talk about brand known in the computer world.ASUS is the company's name.Between the name and the produc range there is no connection because: TH Tung, Ted Hsu, Wayne Hsieh, and MT Liao founded ASUS on 2 April 1990 in Taipei, Taiwan — all four founders worked as computer engineers for Acer. The company explains the name ASUS as originating from Pegasus, the winged horse of Greek mythology. The new organization used only the last four letters of the word in order to give the resulting name a high position in alphabetical listings.This s an international brand, but it can't be translated, the meaning is the same.In this case the name can reflect only positive conotations to the product,because the pegasus was unique in the world,like he products of this company.
    I would like to introduce on the market a new type of shoes.The shoes would be equiped with sensors and with an AI chip.And compared to the pressure of the legs it would change the hardness off the base of the shoes.I think this product would revolutionize the shoes market because our legs every day are exposed to high loads, and this shoes will maximize the confort of walking.The name of the product would be Cloudwalker,because the walking in this shoes would similar to walking in clouds.

  33. I would like to talk about one of the most famos brand in the world which is FERRARI.The link between the product and the name is that the factory and the sport cars wears the name of the founder,Enzo Ferrari.Yes,Ferrari is a well known international brand,but his name remain the same all around the world,not only in Romanian.It doesn`t really matter the name but some people when hear about this brand they know that is a good product.One possitive connotation is that every one know about this cars,but also when they hear Ferrari they think that if you want one of those cars that will cost you.
    If I had to creat a new product, that would be a candy with some flavour which doesn`t exist yet.The name of this product would be "The candy that never ends".I chose that name beacause I think will draw everyone`s attention.