Sunday, 18 October 2009

BUSINESS VOCABULARY - Week starting October 19

This week we will learn some new business and banking vocabulary. You can listen to some of terms at:
Then do the bank terminology tests:
You can check the right answers and explanations.
In the end watch the following funny video and sum it up in a few sentences:

Friday, 16 October 2009


I have introduced the comment moderation feature which means that if your comment is rejected, you have to work more on it, corect the grammar or spelling mistakes. You can email me for details. When you have improved the version, republish the final version.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

SOMETHING FUNNY HAPPENED - writing competition

This is a real image of a Romanian car on a Bulgarian trailer. Write a funny story of no more than 150 words linked with this image. We'll vote together for the best, funniest, no longer than 150 words story. Surprise prize for the winner!

Sunday, 4 October 2009


This is a speaking task you are going to fulfill using Vaestro. You will be able to use Vaestro in your professional life in order to communicate asynchronously with your co-workers. This experience will also help you become more computer literate.
In order to post on Vaestro you have to create your own account.
Opening an account
The steps are as follows: go to and Sign up. You have to register with your email. Then go to your email box and confirm your account opening. Click on the link provided in your email box.
At the registration information you have to creat e user ID (which should be your first name and something else, not your whole name!).
Let me know by email that you have a Vaestro Account at and I will send you an invitation.
Only after you have an account and I send you an invitation, can you post messages on the discussion channel.After you have been invited, you can sign in, go to your homepage and Browse for All channels (a button on the right upper part of the screen).
The channel you have to find is LEARNING ENGLISH EXPERIENCES. Add this channel to your subscribed channel list (this is a green cross) so that next time when you log in, it will be easier to find the channel.
Then you go for GENERAL DISCUSSION, and Topic 2205 by Anisoara.
Listen to the opinions and in the end, reply to post (by clicking an arrow on the right of the screen) Upload through microphone. Click on the microphone. Allow microphone and webcam. When you are satisfied with what you have recorded, save.
The topic about Learning English Experiences requires you to express your opinions as learners of English in school as well as in your private classes.

Talk about:

1. what you liked and what you disliked.
2. What was motivating and what was unattractive.
3. What helped you most to speak fluently and correctly.
4. What motivated you to write in English?
5. Give details about an experience you remember ( a lesson, task, homework, project) and explain what made that experience memorable.
Finally, try to be original not repeating what the others have said before. Try to be spontaneous, not reading your response. Be fair, don't make things up. This is of utmost importance for both of us.
Waiting for you on Vaestro.